A Growing Jewelry Business

You purchased a manual on how to start and maintain a successful and growing jewelry business. All of the information is worthwhile and will work. But, you are not happy, feel stressed, feel stupid, or feel overwhelmed. Truly, what steps are needed for a growing jewelry business?

Think back to when you started. Two words will describe your business mind, enthusiasm and innocence. It worked.

The everyday business workings will wear you down if you are trying to do everything including making jewelry. You are not alone; many of us get caught up in the administrative duties of business and get lost. Then we notice sales are not being made which causes other serious types of problems to arise.

Back to basics

Think or write down those techniques which were working for your business. It is your business. Do what makes you feel comfortable in order to produce and be a success at what you create. Other people’s ideas found in books, trade magazines, online, and more are helpful, but realize that you need to do what works for you.

Self-discipline is necessary to be in business. It is also necessary to keep your thinking processes in check and do whatever has been making you a success.

Do not do

  • any business technique which you do not understand
  • whatever makes no sense
  • when you have feelings of obligation from peers or family
  • if you feel very uncomfortable or uneasy
  • anything which makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or pressured
  • if you do not like doing it or hate doing it
  • any creative tasks or jewelry designs when exhausted or thinking is not constructively productive

Do List

  1. Keep doing whatever technique you use which sells your jewelry
  2. Try blogging, social media, emails, or publishing newsletters one at a time for the purpose of establishing a growing jewelry business and increasing your profits
  3. Do what makes you happy and comfortable to be productive
  4. Do whatever you wish that does not detour or steal from the basic core of business.

  1. The main core of your business should be 80% and the administrative and other things should be 20%
  2. Go the extra mile when your energy level is exceptionally active

Solutions to ease your physical and emotional stresses and tension

  1. Let family members or friends do those business chores which you hate
  2. Or, if able, hire and employee
  3. Spend 80% of your time and energy focused on what you do best; designing and making jewelry.
  4. Do the business chores which you enjoy or tolerate
  5. Doing what you like the best will keep your spirits high, and your emotions filled with optimism and enthusiasm


If you are happy and love your jewelry profession, this in itself is part of the journey to being both a successful person and to establish a growing jewelry business which will leave you feeling confident and accomplished.

Business Card Printing – Details to Include in Your Business Cards

Business cards are used to relay important information to recipients such as what your business is all about and how customers can get in touch with you for more details. As such, it is important to have a clear picture of the information you need to include in these during business card printing.

Simple Guidelines
You should at least include your contact details (phone number and address) and name. You also need to think about how the information is going to be arranged. When in doubt on what to do, you should consider the following guidelines in order to create serviceable, effective and basic business cards.

Minimum Information to Include
• Business name or individual’s name.
• Descriptive text or individual’s title to highlight what that individual does in case the information is not obvious from the cards.
• Means of contacting the person in question. This can either be by fax, email, and phone, mailing address, street address and web page.

You do not have to include all the products and services offered on the card. As a rule, you should only stick to essentials during business card printing. There are other marketing avenues which can be put to good use to advertise the full range of products and services you have to offer. The following are other important aspects you should not forget when undertaking a printing project.

• Contact: This information should be placed somewhere it can be seen with ease. This can be in the low half of your card (right, centered or left). Email and phone number are preferred mode of contact and they should be emphasized through use of bolder, large size font. Alternatively, you can also make the placement more prominent.
• Orientation: Ideally, horizontal layouts are preferred when it comes to business card printing.
• Name: Whether you settle for a vertical or horizontal arrangement, the business or person’s name should have prominent text. In addition to this, it should be placed on the upper half or center of your card and emphasis made with bolder larger fonts.

By ensuring none of these guidelines are overlooked, your chances of ending up with quality cards are increased and so is the possibility of reaping results that boost your business. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to take your time and compare what different service providers have to offer. Be careful with the design and layout as well as the cost in order to avoid blunders that cost you dearly in the end. What is more, by choosing your business card printing provider carefully, you can have peace of mind since all the nitty-gritty aspects will be effectively addressed.

How to Have a Business Plan Transplant

Success is not for everyone. There are some who became successful in their business. There are also some who aren’t that successful. Well, if you are one of those who aren’t successful in your business, then I guess it’s time for you to change your business plan.

A business plan is very important because it would be very hard for you to stay in track without it. However, there are times that a company plan will not work at all. Well, in such case, it has to be replaced. If you don’t know how to do it, then you should consider these tips on how to have a business plan transplant.

1. Know what part of the company plan had failed. Take the time to asses every part of your business plan. Start from the objectives. Which objective failed and which one succeeded?

2. Do the necessary changes. Once you have identified those that need changes, you will then need to change them accordingly. If you weren’t able to achieve your objectives, then you should come up with new objectives again. However, this time, make sure that you will be able to attain them. Make sure that you will make objectives by considering several factors just like time and others.

3. Ask help from the experts. If you would like a business plan that will surely succeed, you might want to consider asking help from some experts. There are some successful business owners out there who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. You can search for them online or you can browse the yellow listing in your area.

4. Learn from your mistakes. This is the most important part of your business transplant. You have to know your mistakes and you have to learn from them. You have to make sure that you will not commit the same mistakes again and you can do that by knowing how to deal with them.

Managing a business is not simple. There are hurdles that you can encounter that can discourage you to continue with your business. You also have many competitors who are aiming for success just like you. Of course, in order for you to overcome your competitors and the obstacles, you have to be focused and you can only do that if you have a business plan – a successful plan that will surely help you in your endeavors.